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Surviving on Oxytocin

I checked with my neurologist husband and even he couldn’t verify how true it was. That post about hacking happy hormones. How endorphins are evoked through exercise or laughter, dopamine through finishing tasks, oxytocin through hugs or pets and serotonin through meditation. But it felt right to me somehow. In any case, I’m running low on all fronts at the moment.

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What They Don’t Tell You About Happily Ever After – The Romantic Messages edition

Disclaimer: This probably is not as hilarious as it’s in my head. Proceed cautiously and flee as necessary. Oh, and the picture has nothing to do with the post; I just thought it made for an interesting array of geometric shapes. Unless.. you considered an artistic expression of the various contours that are juxtaposed in a domesticated life. If so, just ignore the previous comment. The pic is all about the post.

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I didn’t have enough words in me to capture that moment. So I wondered, why not capture it as it is.

One of those rare moments of clarity when the world falls away and all that remains is a feeling of silent awe of being here, in the present moment, as part of something infinite.