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Head Up In The Clouds

I suppose travelling has always been something of a privilege for most people, but the pandemic (isn’t it how interesting how casually we can drop the word pandemic into sentences now without a description of the year or agent?) and resultant restrictions have made it even more elusive for even more I guess. Thanks to the “Dr” attached to my name, I was among the first to get access to the vaccine in the country and the same currently gives me the ability to travel to most places without additional testing. I’m visiting half a dozen cities for work over the next two weeks, and mentioning it to friends almost feels like like something I ought to be guilty about. On the bright side, tickets aren’t hard to find.

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Sometimes, I sit back and wonder about how we are all amalgamated pieces of a thousand virtues and flaws thrown together in varied proportions; each person a certain measure of generosity, a certain measure of insecurity, a certain measure of boring, of clairvoyance, of sweet, of irritating, of brutality, of kindness, of jealousy, of honesty, of a million other adjectives thrown together to make a human. Same ingredients, different recipes. Same molecules, different chemistry.

Funny, isn’t it?