I have no clue when, where or how I clicked this, and somehow that’s the charm 🙂

Lost in the mundane everyday routine, I seek to find myself in serendipity. If thoughts are projections of one’s soul, I suppose I am putting mine up for scrutiny here. A Ruskin Bond aficionado, I prefer poignancy to prolixity and hope to achieve the same in my writing too. Amateur blogger, avid reader. Healer by profession and dreamer by occupation.

My blog is basically about anything that happened to move me, be it thoughts, incidents, people, wondrous beauty or stirring literature. Anything that happened to catch my eye and enrapture my heart, I try to convey here via stories, essays, poems and snapshots. Almost all of them of are exploits that I came across by accident. But then, as Master Oogway says, “There are no accidents.”