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“Take care of yourself. You’re very important.”

That is what SV said as our conversation drew to a close. I had been rambling on for an hour about how horrible I felt lately, how the signs of depression seemed to be returning at a crucial point in my life. It felt good to vent to him; it always did. He always knew what to say.

And yet it’s those last words that really made a difference. He did not personalise it, did not smother the letters with a show of care; no ‘you’re important to me’ or ‘us’. Just important. Like an open ending to be interpreted as one wished, as if the whole world hid silently behind that last syllable. That my existence had a value that cannot be quantified by sheer numbers of aquientances, that maybe it extended to realms that I did not truly fathom.

I felt a ray of sunshine trickling in.

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Where sunshine fails to fall

A ray of hope

Is but a poor joke;

Dark magic and dope

Twisted malevolence

A dreamy dollop

Of suffering with sprinkles

And a cherry in top

Served on a platter

So we’d cope

And endure long enough

For our hearts to gallop

To an impossible finish

By fate’s stop clock 

Bleeding and beating

Drained and choked

Unsure and unclear 

Till faith runs amok

Insanity’s accomplice;

But a  poor joke

It is to play on

Extending a ray of hope 

Where sunshine fails to fall.