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Our Rainbow

I keep finding more of them,

Scattered pieces of you and me

Tucked away in corners

Dusty, blurry

And yet alive.

Remnants of a fragile bond

That slipped and fell

From our hands

Shattering into a million stars

Aglow with the light of our dreams,

And resonating with our laughter,

Their hollow echoes dying away

In the silent dark.

My fingertips turn bloody

As I gather them,

Cutting myself on mischievous grins,

The wayward stubble,

Crooked teeth,

Creases at the corners of eyes

That twinkled,

Lips that teased with the hint of a song

To be shared aloud,

Bass and treble intertwined

In impetuous rapture,

Amid raindrops

That whisper forgotten tales

Of muddy feet, a blue umbrella,

And rainbows overhead

Stretched across white clouds,

Mirroring the colours of our young love,

That stained the skies for a fleeting moment

Before fading away.

I gather them still,

Trying to make sense of the story

That wasn’t meant to be.

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Once upon a time I was born whole,

Complete and solid,

Unmarred, unscarred


Over time gaining little hollows,

Niches happily carved out

For all I love,

Not one like the other,

Some small, some huge,

Each a reminder of the parts of me

I gave away.

You always worried yours was not big enough,

Feared it was not as special

As the ones I gave to friends

From long ago.

Now the fights are over

And you’re gone,

Leaving me with a void

That you failed to see

Was crafted for you

And you alone;

Shaped to fit the impeccable blend

Of your perfections and flaws,

The curve of your smile,

The glint of your scorn

And everything in between.

Edges still warm with your laughter

And sharp where I last bled,

Yet to be chiselled smooth

With tears over time.

A niche to hold our memories –

An impeccable blend of sweet bitterness,

Flawed perfection,

Just like you.