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Playing Dead a.k.a Am I Really Right In The Head..?

I play dead. I wonder if it’s something people do in general, or just a habit of mine.

What I mean to say is, I pretend to sleep or be unconscious when I feel like it. Or rather, when I don’t feel like it – when I don’t feel like getting up, or talking to people, or facing certain situations. I close my eyes and will the world to leave me alone.

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The Art of Hating Someone

Disclaimer regarding the image: No, I’m not a raging alcoholic (although it probably has more to do with circumstance than free will) and this is not a drunken rant. As I went through the gallery, this picture seemed to suit the event of general rambling regarding dysfunctional emotions. Go figure.

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When does a place stop being your own? When you leave, or when others do? Or with the realization that abstract concepts like home cannot be held down by the strings of concrete imaginations pointing fingers at what it should or should not be? Or by how nothing ever belongs to anyone – no, not even if you have a name tag or a medal or a certificate to show for it, because.. well, because, don’t you see how the fine print at the back reeks of an expiry date?

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And Let There Be Light

That one never has to look far to find an ounce of inspiration is a fact I’m very much learning to appreciate of late. 

I am currently staying with my friend K to prepare for our upcoming exams, a decision based on the fact that both of us have consistently failed to make any progress individually whatsoever. The kind of things that invoke wonder in a pre exam setting are varied and easily bordering on psychotic, but then that is a discussion reserved for another day.

Her mother happens to be a brilliant high school teacher of Economics and allied subjects, and has quite a number of students from various schools and colleges signing up for extra classes after school hours at their home. The venue is their erstwhile garage just in front of the house, now remodelled with a tiled roof and windows into a small classroom complete with a blackboard and three rows of desks and chairs. The classes commence by evening and extend into nightfall.

Yesterday she began the classes as usual. But just as twilight set in, we lost power. Something or the other was wrong with the electric lines and it was expected to last for a couple of hours. I naturally expected the students to head home as there were no emergency lamps available in the house and candles or torches couldn’t possibly help. So imagine my surprise when I peeped out after a while to see the little room flooding with light in the middle of utter darkness.

All the students had taken out their smartphones and kept them lined up along the parapet and the windows on either side, and switched the flashlights on, creating an island of illumination. It was a beautiful sight, to say the least.

They could have whined about the circumstance or seen it as an excuse to leave early, but chose to join hands (and handsets) to get on with their purpose. And together, they shone brighter than before. I guess problems are only as bad as our take on them. Each trial encountered can easily be a challenge to better ourselves, to shake off the rust, and move forward. Sometimes a lapse in the routine or a walk away from our comfort zones is what is needed for fresh perspectives. And sometimes unforeseen darkness is all it takes for us to find a glint within.