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Time Traveller

Every night before I sleep

I travel back in time,

Relive the days spent by your side

And erase them one by one

Filling in a new story

Less haunting

In its place.

That first phone call


So I don’t lose myself

In your mellow voice

And late night lullabies;

Your offer for that first ride home


I’d rather take the cab

Lest I should miss your shoulder

On long drives;

I blot out the way your one hand

Glided over the steering wheel

While the other held mine in secrecy,

Filling in instead dreary rides

Under lusterless skies,

And keep hidden behind the dark clouds

Sun rays and larks and smiles;

I paint the passing fields brown

Over the luscious greens

And scrawl over the chatter

Till all is but white noise

I go over each halcyon day

Undoing the treasured past

And return a weary traveller

With less memories to forget.