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Why Fear?

Why fear

My dear

Frail little things –

The crystal vase

The wild dream

Your own beating heart;

Dreading loss

Your fingers close

Upon them all, a trembling grasp

Why not let go

Why not let soar

Why not let scatter and shatter if need be

Why fear

My dear

Evanescent beauty,

When all world holds

And ever unfolds

The promise

Of so, so much more..


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Today I woke up with the memory of a vivid dream.

I was in a hospital, working. A patient had an allergic reaction to a medication. She was collapsing when I was called. I shouted orders. Loaded a syringe. Adrenaline. 0.5 cc. Subcutaneous stat. Checked the vitals. Loaded a repeat dose, and waited. The patient recovered. She smiled at me.

I’m so used to puzzling and embarrassing scenarios in the dream world that this came as a surprise. Anaphylaxis is a particularly dreaded phenomenon in reality as well. Maybe my sub conscious mind believes in me now.

I like that.