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Coffee At Home

MB visited our new house for the first time yesterday after I moved in last week. By our new house, I mean the place we have rented recently. And by moved in, I mean shifted all our things into. I continue to spend the nights with him at his hostel as his shifts continue to be erratic and it’s near-impossible to drive down to the new place even though it’s less than twenty minutes away. But it’s closer to my workplace, so I can come home for lunch and hang out here till late in the evening, and probably even make dinner before heading to the hostel for the night.

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The Coffee We Did Not Spill

This year does not seem to like me all that much. My laptop crashed on New Year’s Eve, and I discovered to my utter horror and self loathing that I lost my system recovery CD with the Windows 7 Home Basic that I’ve come dearly to love. Now I’ve got to get Windows 10 installed at some random store, and I am NOT looking forward to that. There’s something about those moving tiles that upsets me. The one stable relationship I had was with my home screen desktop and now it’s gone. Yaay.I’m confined to ‘WordPressing’ on my phone now, so double yaay. 

I’ve been trying to pen a worthwhile original first post for the year but the first two days have not been very helpful. My fingers seem to automatically churn out tragic and morose verses in the process, so I cut them short. Everyone in the blogging community seems to be in pretty motivational spirits and I don’t want to be the party pooper. So I decided to highlight another great article that I came across that lifted my sagging spirits with a dose of caffeinated words.

So in case any of you out there needs a warm cup, take a sip of TheQwietMuse.