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All It Boils Down To

Global warming for me was nothing more than a high school topic, a frequently asked question to be mugged up for the tests. How ignorant we remain even in the light of knowledge! 

Today, enduring the sweltering sun in Puducherry on a daily basis, I lament the lack of shade on the highway and curse the glare of the road. And when I run home to Kerala, allegedly God’s Own Country, in search of respite, I am faced with the same. I have personally witnessed such a dramatic change in climate over the last two decades that I fear what the rest of my existence has in store.

Sustainable development, environmental hazards, man made disasters.. Somehow all these seem to stay in a separate compartment in our heads, foggy and aloof and pertaining to obscure journals or news reports. The link between our actions and consequences is lost in translation. Humans, the society, mankind – all detached terms, and unrelated to single entities that make up the whole. Unrelated to me and you.

The hot sun pairs up with the humid air to chase me indoors, and I breathe a sigh of relief as the cool air from the AC vent meets my sweaty face. Little do I wonder about the paradox, the vicious cycle I am thoughtlessly perpetuating, how the Air Conditioner might be releasing hydroflurocarbons that are killing the ozone layer and adding to green house effect and global warming. 

But of course, all that is just 8th grade science. All it boils down to are the test results.