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Tightrope Living

Precarious. That’s the adjective closest to how I feel these days. Walking on a tight rope from one day to the next, balancing my emotions and trying not to be lured to free-fall into the abyss below my feet. Every step seems to carry the weight of my existence. And it is made heavier by the load of some very real responsibilities I have shouldered and evaded for far too long – ones that need to be addressed acutely.

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As someone who chose STEM to meet societal expectations, I have always delineated the professional and personal spheres of my life into mutually exclusive compartments, whereby the former was about doing things expected of me and the latter was about doing things I wanted. Having degrees meant being able to earn an income while being passionate meant putting hours into engaging in discussions or reading up on topics that actually matter to me. Like literature, feminism or culture. I never conducted experiments or blew the roof off as a child; I wrote poetry and imagined working with NGOs someday. It is safe to say that I feel like a misfit, an aberration, in terms of my career.

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