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The Best Days Of My Life

Thanks to NG, I’ve been eating quite well for the past week, ever since I got my COVID positive report and isolated myself to my room. Every morning, afternoon and evening, the food would appear on the staircase, in front of the main door, along with a ring of the doorbell or phone or both. Today I started sustaining myself again, and surprise, surprise, Nutella was a big part of it.

As I bit into my fifth slice of bread (that I couldn’t even be bothered to toast), I couldn’t help wondering about the massive amounts of nutty chocolatey goodness that was, no doubt, settling along my arteries as well as aiding in the recent swift transformation of my waist from concave to convex. Just the other day, a friend had sent his medical reports full of various exploding lipids, and I KNOW I should be getting myself one soon.

I’m getting old, y’all.

*Cue nostalgic music on violin*

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How Things Are

I suppose that’s how things are.

They fall apart,

And scatter at your feet,

You trample them

In the rush of time

And as you gather them

On a lonely winter night

Fall away again,

Through the nooks and corners

Of your arms and your heart.

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Going With The Flow

I tell myself that I’m too busy, that my work is too hectic, and everything is moving much too fast. That this is not what I wanted, not what I signed up for. My choice to do post graduation in preventive medicine was fuelled by the idea of having evenings and weekends to myself than by an aptitude towards fieldwork or academia. It was during our compulsory residential internship that I came to this conclusion.

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Tightrope Living

Precarious. That’s the adjective closest to how I feel these days. Walking on a tight rope from one day to the next, balancing my emotions and trying not to be lured to free-fall into the abyss below my feet. Every step seems to carry the weight of my existence. And it is made heavier by the load of some very real responsibilities I have shouldered and evaded for far too long – ones that need to be addressed acutely.

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