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Our Rainbow

I keep finding more of them,

Scattered pieces of you and me

Tucked away in corners

Dusty, blurry

And yet alive.

Remnants of a fragile bond

That slipped and fell

From our hands

Shattering into a million stars

Aglow with the light of our dreams,

And resonating with our laughter,

Their hollow echoes dying away

In the silent dark.

My fingertips turn bloody

As I gather them,

Cutting myself on mischievous grins,

The wayward stubble,

Crooked teeth,

Creases at the corners of eyes

That twinkled,

Lips that teased with the hint of a song

To be shared aloud,

Bass and treble intertwined

In impetuous rapture,

Amid raindrops

That whisper forgotten tales

Of muddy feet, a blue umbrella,

And rainbows overhead

Stretched across white clouds,

Mirroring the colours of our young love,

That stained the skies for a fleeting moment

Before fading away.

I gather them still,

Trying to make sense of the story

That wasn’t meant to be.

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Fire And Ice

I am Fire ; you are Ice

I burst forth with eyes ablaze

And heart hungry for all I can reach

And more –

Dreams of quests, of curiosities

Crackle and keep me alive

Even as I sleep

Whereas you, in  your quiet brilliance lie

Content and at ease.

You seek to contain

The turbulence of my soul,

But your placidity proves poison

To my embers.

I long to put your fears to rest

In the warmth of my embrace

But my affection carves into you

Weakening you with every advance

I am Fire ; you are Ice

Hence know why I must take leave –

Let us both be resplendent

Unharmed by love’s ways