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I didn’t have enough words in me to capture that moment. So I wondered, why not capture it as it is.

One of those rare moments of clarity when the world falls away and all that remains is a feeling of silent awe of being here, in the present moment, as part of something infinite.

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The Haunting

I find you in the unlikeliest of places.

You spring at me from within the pages of a book, as the protagonist speaks words that once tumbled out of your breath. The letters dance and weave your name across the plotlines, but disappear just as I blink, and I’m left wondering if it weren’t just a play of light.

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I am not ambitious for ecstasy, you will ask me to think of the future, but the decade to come pales before this second, the span of my life is less important than its quality. I want to sit here in the mild sun and try not to think, try and escape the iniquity of the restless of my mind. Do you understand. Doesn’t anyone understand the absence of ambition, or the simplicity of it.

Upamanyu Chatterjee

(English, August)


Snippet #23