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I dream of you in blue.

You flow like the cool waters
Of the sea through my veins,
White froth welling in my heart,
Every time I think of you.
You spread like the clear sky
Across my horizon,
And make my days yours,
From sunrise to sundown.

The glint in your eyes, as you smile,
Is my favorite shade of teal,
And your words, cobalt smoke spirals,
Clouding my conscience
Like delicious insobriety. 

Turquoise joy,
Azure laughter, 
Indigo fantasies,
Prussian regrets;
You extend across the spectrum
Of my emotions and desires,
Painting my world monochrome.

I dream of you in blue;
Tell me, 
How do you dream of me?



A wayward thinker hiding behind the facade of necessary courtesies

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