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The Haunting

I find you in the unlikeliest of places.

You spring at me from within the pages of a book, as the protagonist speaks words that once tumbled out of your breath. The letters dance and weave your name across the plotlines, but disappear just as I blink, and I’m left wondering if it weren’t just a play of light.

I spy you in the corners of strangers’ smiles, and in the sly slant of a comic’s eyes as he makes a room laugh. I listen suspiciously for a quiver of exaggeration in the masquerade as he locks eyes with me for an eternal second while the world stays still and then moves on as if what transcended wasn’t a moment from the unknown.

You shadow me in my solitude, and perhaps that is why I’ve grown to love crowds over time; they veil me from your incessant pursuit of my daydreams and keep me safe from your nefarious ways. You watch me from behind closed doors, and from across thin cotton bedcovers, unlocking my unkempt mind with the ease of a sorcerer and slinking in and out of it like an autumn breeze.

I drown your whispers in loud music and light lamps at the borders of my nightmares. I pick stray pieces of you from the strands of my aura when no one’s looking, and destroy them relentlessly, only to find them wedged again in a lock of wavy hair.

Maybe all that’s left to do is unbolt my windows and watch the rays cast your apparition on the bed across from me, and then catch you by surprise as I throw open my arms wide. Perhaps then, as I stop struggling and bare my all, I’ll finally have lost you.


A wayward thinker hiding behind the facade of necessary courtesies

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