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How Things Are

I suppose that’s how things are.

They fall apart,

And scatter at your feet,

You trample them

In the rush of time

And as you gather them

On a lonely winter night

Fall away again,

Through the nooks and corners

Of your arms and your heart.

I suppose that’s how things are.

They change as you stay still

But then again,

Sometimes you change

And they remain the same.

You catch glimpses of an old shiny leaf

That leaves a book,

A long-forgotten dream,

Pressed against the many memories

A little worse for wear

But special all the same.

I suppose that’s just how things are.

They’re here, you’re gone,

You’re here, they’re gone,

And you keep playing this game

Of endless hide-and-seek

Running in circles till y’all are a whirlwind

Of was and were.

I suppose, I suppose,

It’s alright,

Cuz I suppose,

That’s just the way how things are.


A wayward thinker hiding behind the facade of necessary courtesies

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