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Sometimes you find yourself in a book, a reflection that tell you your own thoughts that you’ve been too afraid or tired or confused to put into words. Something to let you know that you really are on the path to healing.

“For a while now, it had been hard to put a finger on my emotions. What I was feeling now was crystal clear. Loss. Disappointment. Relief.”

Some parts of Worm reverberate with me on a deeper level, and this was one of those. I read them as Skitter, but felt them as myself. The thing about art – be it literature, films or caricatures – is that they speak to you and show you things that you may have long ignored. Or they show you scenarios you’ve known and let you see that you weren’t alone in knowing them. You see another’s poetry or painting and understand yourself in a different way.

Loss, disappointment and relief. Not a trinity that might have easily occurred to me, but now that I read it, I see how well it fits. Not all loss is a tragedy. Not all disappointment is unfortunate. Sometimes, they quietly pave way for relief…, and the rest of your life.


A wayward thinker hiding behind the facade of necessary courtesies

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