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It’s Really Just About The Mango. Seriously.

I sat at my desk today morning and felt alive after weeks. Like, truly alive. Let’s-get-up-and-go-and-get-things-done alive. I took in a deep breath, turned to my colleague and proclaimed that I was back.

She obviously had no idea what I was talking about, since I hadn’t exactly left and had been hale and hearty in the real world to all intents and purposes. She blinked at me without comprehension for precisely two seconds before looking back at her screen.

This is not to say that I actually got up and went and got a lot done. A few things, yes. Baby steps. Like a long pending email that finally got sent. Like filling up a Google form, signing up for a recent call for volunteers to coordinate COVID-related activities. Like teaching a co-worker the basics of a statistical software after months of procrastination.

To be fair, the authentic list ends right about there. But since I’m in a hypomanic, silver-linings kind of mood, I’m gonna add the following as well – watching a Netflix show without feeling like a waste of space, finishing a book, eating lunch without external prompt, trotting (yes, trotting) down two flights of stairs to report that the housekeeping personnel seemed to have misplaced my sole fruit peeler which was irreplaceable in the lockdown scenario (with a clear emphasis on sole and three extra seconds of pleading eyes for dramatic effect), overcoming defeat to eat two mangoes without said peeler, eating some of the leftover lunch, having two invigorating conversations on WhatsApp, eating even more of the leftover lunch, laughing out loud without faking it. And yes, writing a light-hearted piece after an eternity, if only to show off a startlingly juicy photograph of the mango I devoured.

Yes. It’s good to be back.


A wayward thinker hiding behind the facade of necessary courtesies

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