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Snippet #17

She imagined, now, what it would be like to accept herself completely. Every mistake she had ever made. Every mark on her body. Every dream she hadn’t reached or pain she had felt. Every lust or longing she had suppressed.
She imagined accepting it all. The way she accepted nature. The way she accepted a glacier or a puffin or the breach of a whale.
She imagined seeing herself as just another brilliant freak of nature. Just another sentient animal, trying her best.
And in doing so, she imagined what it was like to be free.

Matt Haig

(The Midnight Library)


A wayward thinker hiding behind the facade of necessary courtesies

2 thoughts on “Snippet #17

    1. I suppose, in a way, that is true liberation. To be able to accept our flaws and stop trying so hard to become a perfect person. To forgive ourselves as easily as we would forgive a torn leaf or a broken branch.
      P.S. I recommend the book if you’re looking for a light, albeit predictable, read on dealing with regrets.

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