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I point out to Mr. Beloved that the chances of him winning the Nobel Prize are between zilch and zero, and that he might need a consultation for delusional megalomania on having such a bizarre thought in the first place. He meditates on my suggestion and rejects my hypothesis.

That’s when the sudden scuffle ensues.

He twists my hand and holds me down and asks why I would say something like that and crush his (nonsensical) dreams. I reciprocate by attempting to pinch his skin and/or tickle his belly – my go to moves in times of such crises.

And it just so happens that a swift movement causes me to lose my drip on a little fake pearl ear ring that I had been holding in my hand.

“Now look what you’ve done!”

He lets go, and looks perplexed. This was definitely not part of the plan. He glances this way and that, trying to locate the fallen item and muttering random excuses before feigning sleepiness and slowly retreating out of the hall. The stud cost less than 20 rupees, but it was still my favourite. I make a mental note to buy a new one while heading to work, shout a couple of admonitions in the direction of the bedroom and carry on with my work.

I wake up late in the morning, having burnt the midnight oil (light bulb?) in the attempt to finish up in time for a deadline. As I sit up, he pulls me out of the bed excitedly, walks me to the hall and points to my desk. The stray stud had joined its companion next to my laptop.

I laugh, kiss him on the cheek and go about the day feeling quite ostentatious in those lowly pearls.

Fin. 😁


A wayward thinker hiding behind the facade of necessary courtesies

3 thoughts on “Pearls

  1. Please write Continuously, I am learning lots of new words from your blog post.
    However, I am struggling to not able to use those words in the sentence whenever I am writing.
    Pls help me to improve my writing skill.


    1. Glad to know that you like my posts. πŸ™‚ I wish I could promise to write frequently, but my laziness often comes in the way.

      Here’s a tip to improve your vocabulary. Read the dictionary as if it were any other book. As a child, I used to open it at random pages and read all the words in it. Maybe you will also find that useful!


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