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Cave-Girl Cookin’

You know the all-familiar feminist rhetoric? The one that all “modern” women with a life keep rapping about, how society decides their worth based on age-old patriarchal sexism and overlooks every other achievement. So jaded, right?


That’s exactly what this post is about too, so if it ain’t your cuppa tea, well, it is what it is.

So get this. Those who have read a previous post of mine on my pre-exam eccentricities might remember that I’m currently discovering my culinary capabilities. After treating the kitchen like a war zone all my life, I’m suddenly following multiple cooking channels on YouTube and meting out new dishes for a bewildered spouse.

And just like any other narcissistic adult who professes insoucience but craves validation, I post pictures of the same as my WhatsApp status. Obviously, the comments poured in.

All good so far.

The problem started when I realised just how proud everyone was of me. Sure, I was proud myself of being in a position to successfully survive a post-apocalyptic no-dine-out scenario. But the irritating revelation was how no one seemed this proud when I landed a seat in medicine. Or a post graduate course.


Because unlike those situations, I had for once done justice to my cave-girl instincts and learnt the basics to tending a family.

Because, finally I had succeeded in proving my worth as a woman. (Well, almost. Everyone knows having a baby is needed to seal the deal.)

Because sexism is always, always, in fashion.

And maybe that’s why the ‘feminazi types’ like myself refuse to shut up about it.

P.S. If I do have kids ever, I’m gonna make sure my son does a hell lot of cooking around here.


A wayward thinker hiding behind the facade of necessary courtesies

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