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Orange Muse

As the world flocks after butterflies, the moth rests in a corner – all of its glorious colours tucked inside a brown exterior. One with the night, hidden from sight. Quiet, and beautiful on the inside, like many among us.

Here is an ode to the moth.


Oh sweet orange stranger,

Won’t you come closer,

Shed that brown attire

And showcase your fire!

Oh recluse,

Dear muse,

Let’s hum the same songs

Of the stars we have long


Each, alone.

Share your dreams

Thoughts and memes

With this soul

We’ll be whole;

Parts hidden

Loves lost

Memories ridden

That cost

Us our sanity!

Our vanity!!

Oh won’t you say

Why you prefer the dark

Did you lose your way

In paths blinding and stark

Do we share the same fears,

Do we shed the same tears?

Fight the same wars

Perhaps tend the same scars??

Won’t you tell me

Oh muted symphony,

Dear beauty in flight

My friend for the night.


A wayward thinker hiding behind the facade of necessary courtesies

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