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The Line

To love or not

To hate or not

To run or not

To stay or not

Change beckons with an empty hand,

And I falter, as I pre-meditate,

I seek to run

Break out

Of this mould of regularity

That constrains,


Every day a known step

In a toxic vicious cycle,

And yet, run.. where?

I lie still, as the darkness

Drives in and out

Of my heart

And my head,

Clouding over all thought.

Release and relapse,

Both choke me in my skin

And I falter

In my steps,

Not knowing

Whether to run

Or stay

Where to run

Where to stay

Whether to love

Or to hate

Who to love?

Who to hate??


Till I falter and fall

Along the line of life and death.


A wayward thinker hiding behind the facade of necessary courtesies

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