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How Tanishq Has Not Ruined My Engagement

Had I written this post earlier like my fingers itched to, the proposed title of this post would have missed a certain three letter word. My plan of revenge a.k.a. annihilating the multinational company with one post in a blog with less than 200 followers was probably a bit much, but then my frustration was such.

Maybe I should start with some background information.

I am getting married soon. This may come as a bit of a shock to some of my readers who may recall something I wrote less than a year ago, pledging solidarity with singledom and giving whimsical details about my reasons and strategies to remain so for all eternity. (No? None of you remember that marvellous piece I whipped up? Shame on you. You may achieve redemption by clicking here).

As these matters go, society has certain set rules as how to achieve the privileged status of being married. Holding on to a guy till death do you part has pretty much nothing to do with it. Oh no. You need to make sure that you adequately shout out to the entire world about the oncoming process. Thousands of people get married on a daily basis around the world, but somehow humanity never fails to get excited by the fiasco. All the married folks who cautioned you against following their path are suddenly jubilant to have you join the club. All those who are not married are jubilant that it is happening to you, not them. All those who are single are jubilant about the prospect of free food and meeting prospective partners. General air of jubilance, to sum it up.

So it came to be that unconditional love was not enough to solemnise a marriage – you needed truckloads of cash as well. Hence I have effectively depleted all my savings on the purchase of multiple glittering attires, ornaments and decorative paraphernalia that I can’t possibly scavenge and religiously put my future at risk as expected of me, thereby bringing the whole family to tear up for once in pride and contentment.

Now the one thing, perhaps the only thing, in all this chaotic humbug that I felt deserves real attention is the pair of rings. Wedding bands. After all, that is the one thing I will be carrying on my self for all eternity, so it is imperative that it should encompass and adequately symbolise our love for each other.. and of course, go with all my varied outfits. Which is why I took the pains to go to every major jewellery showroom in town (trust me, there are a LOT) and finally landed up in Tanishq. Mr Beloved was sweet enough to accompany me once the first round of screening was done. Stylish and innovative designs from a reputed company – we were happy enough to take our pick from the many options.

So we found the ring of our choice, paid the amount and were promised delivery well in advance of the betrothal date.  All was well.

Until they called up to say there was a MINOR change in the design. So minor that you can’t make it out with your eyes closed. Apparently the heart engraving that we had asked for couldn’t be done on a machine-cut ring so they decided to do it by hand, and humans do things a little differently. I tried to contain my hyperventilation and inquired if it was possible to get the original done again. Oh yes, they said, it would only take 15 days. That would work wonderfully, I chimed, seeing that the engagement date was in 10 days. Silence. Apologetic faces glanced sideways at each other as my face grew redder. They sent me home after promising to make a call the next day after sorting out the mess.

The bad news is that I was entirely skeptical of anything happening and spent the night spewing expletives in every direction and into every pair of ears that were willing to listen to the utter wrongs done by me and to consumers at large, in a moving dramatic rendering, with a finesse expected of a bride-to-be that years of watching chick flicks granted me. I’d go to court. Oh yes, I would. Okay, maybe I’d wait till after the wedding was done, but I so would.

The good part is that all that was completely unnecessary; they called me up the next day and promised to deliver the ring of our choice in less than a week.

And they did.

Okay, so maybe these large companies are not always horrible conniving sly people who care nothing of the rights of the consumer.

Oh well. Peace out.

P.S. We love the rings. They were a perfect fit.




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