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The Trip To Traquebar (That Did Not Really Get There) – 2

The first part of of our trip is here

The weather proved to be rather histrionic on our way back. It continued to be cool even after noon, and we stopped to munch on apples after riding for an hour. That was when the sky suddenly erupted out of the blue. I had packed two raincoats and we quickly rode on. The helmet which had been tucked safely inside the boot was brought out to brave the heavy raindrops. I enjoyed clicking a few more pictures as he rode. And ten minutes later, the sun was out and we were donning sunglasses to beat the heat.

The pitstop for apples where I spotted my favorite wildflower – thumba or the Ceylon slitwort

It was nealy 3:30 by the time we reached Pondy and lunch was long overdue. I took him to one of my favourite places, Space Bar, close to where I live. Food was gone within moments of arrival, with only a pause in between for clicks.

Yummy strawberry.. already half gone!
Noodles and a brownie shake

Back in my room, we fell on to the bed. The next thing I remember is him poking me and enquiring about dinner. I peered at the phone – it was 10 at night. By the time we actually walked out the door, it was 10:30. I had planned to take him to a band playing at a restaurant by the beach, but Google informed me that I was a useless imbecile for sleeping six hours straight in the evening because all good restaurants close at 10. Yaay. After putting in one name after the other, I got a hit at Spice Route – apparently those people have no life and are open till 11:45. Good enough for me!

Christmas Eve proved to be quite a lively affair; a lot many people were on the road. The few churches that dotted the streets were lit up and brimming with people. We made our way to Spice Route by 11:00 and as we triumphantly crossed the threshold, we were informed that they were closed for the day. Now that was the second time Google was cheating us in a day. Bad server, no cookies for you.

Thankfully, the adjoining Pizza Hut let us in. Neither of are crazy about pizzas (I know, I know, there must be something wrong with us), so we ordered pasta, garlic bread and chicken wings. I did wonder later about the possible idiocy in placing an order for pasta at a pizza place, but the food turned out to be quite good. We rang the bell twice on our way out.

The Rock Beach was bustling as usual. The festive time guaranteed that a lot more people were inebriated though. The sea breeze was laden with a heady mix of beer and tobacco as it passed us by. We walked the entire length of the beach in search of ice cream for him, before realizing that the shop was on the other end.


We finally settled on the rocks facing the sea with a scoop of Russian Flair from Gelateria Montecatini Terme for company. The mix of apple, milk and vodka was a pleasant twang on our tongues as we watched the waves.


A few sky lanterns rose in the distance and slowly burned their way into oblivion. Someone danced on the sand with a stranger, both drunk and euphoric, laughter and song erupting from within. The waves crashed, spraying foamy greetings. It was Christmas.


A wayward thinker hiding behind the facade of necessary courtesies

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