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Billy’s Bike

Eccentric animals are a part and parcel of our country. (Maybe all countries, but then I wouldn’t know). Goats in India are drawn to paper and paste. This holds particularly true in Tamil Nadu. 

A segment of the quirky novel Pathummede Aadu (Pathumma’s Goat) by the writer Vaikom Muhammad Basheer, a rather eccentric man himself, featured in my high school textbook for Malayalam literature. He wrote, among other trivia, in his characteristic farcical style, of how his sister’s goat made it a routine to munch away on his books, manuscripts and even his only blanket once it got bored of the green leaves offered. I laughed it off as an exaggeration till I encountered the same on a daily basis on the streets of Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu in the years I lived there. 

This was a casual albeit hurried click taken yesterday near the Urban Health Centre I visited in Pondicherry. I need not have worried; the subject showed no inclination to get down. For all I know, he probably rides it as well. From what I’ve seen of the traffic here, I wouldn’t be surprised. 

Half eaten posters like the one in this photo heralds the presence of goats in the vicinity, and sure enough a few lazed in a corner, regarding me with dispassion. Another human, one yawned, rolling its eyes and probably meying under its breath about population explosion. A couple of she-goats passed by, full bellies protruding and swaying from side to side. One of them stopped to munch on actor Vijay’s legs on the low wall where he posed for his latest flick. The other joined in as an afterthought; the kids probably need the nutrition. 

I walked away with a chuckle, wondering if Vijay eats mutton. 

Note: I have always wanted to find a photo to suit Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge . If this isn’t an odd ball, I don’t know what is! :mrgreen:


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