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When I saw the Daily Post prompt, this random click from 2015 came to mind. There is a bridge of sorts connecting our backyard with my uncle’s and we generally use this odd path rather than the road when we run over to visit. Our dog, the poor thing, is not very fond of heights. He has a habit of following us till the edge of our side of the make shift commute and once we cross over, puts his front paws in position and waits there faithfully till we get back.

This habit of his is not particularly appreciated by people who pass by in the lane beneath the bridge. Looking up to see a dog seemingly ready to pounce on you has got to be scary. Over the years, they have gotten used to it though, and some of the neighbors even wave and call to him as they pass.img_20150415_143259348


A wayward thinker hiding behind the facade of necessary courtesies

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