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Write! The little blue bird implored

Write and I shall fly

Across  the world, carrying your letters

Write and I shall make a million

Follow you, heed your thoughts

Write and I shall make them

Share your pain,

Fight your battles with hash tags

Bind and gag

All you hate with those crisscrossed lines

Sorry, what is that you ask?

Oh no, sire, you mistake me;

Your pain will be no less,

Nor will the wounds heal faster

No, your feeds will not cure hunger

Nor your followers forgive you

For a misplaced sentiment

They’re not friends, you see,

But strangers

With little patience to spare

For the whole story

Terrorism, inequality, poverty and wars

Are easier fought with tags

Than sweat and blood,

Links easier shared

Than money,

Hence help me save the world

With your well meaning words

For who has the time

To act on them anyway?






A wayward thinker hiding behind the facade of necessary courtesies

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