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Fire And Ice

I am Fire ; you are Ice

I burst forth with eyes ablaze

And heart hungry for all I can reach

And more –

Dreams of quests, of curiosities

Crackle and keep me alive

Even as I sleep

Whereas you, in  your quiet brilliance lie

Content and at ease.

You seek to contain

The turbulence of my soul,

But your placidity proves poison

To my embers.

I long to put your fears to rest

In the warmth of my embrace

But my affection carves into you

Weakening you with every advance

I am Fire ; you are Ice

Hence know why I must take leave –

Let us both be resplendent

Unharmed by love’s ways




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Catharsis is Nirvana.

Cave drawings. Parchments heavy with emotion. Journals soaked in pale ink and vivid memories. An envelope braving the world in search of another. Splashes of paint rebelling against grey walls.

Black letters on a white screen spilling from my fingertips.