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Happily Wedded, Sadly Married?

Marriage licenses ought to come with an expiry date. Say 5 years. At the end of which, it may be renewed or discarded. As simple as that. No messy divorces, no hanging on for the sake of it. The idea that a relationship can end, in my opinion, is a happier way to go about it. Less stress. And the chances are, you would stop taking the other person for granted. It won’t be a given anymore. You’d have to work at keeping it aflame if you do not want the other to leave. Love will not turn into a dusty rusty photo frame in the living room cabinet that has not been cleaned out in years. Love will then be a laminated piece of paper that you keep with you, close to your heart, to make sure you don’t ever lose it. That way every anniversary will be an acknowledgement of a choice made, again and again, rather than the regret of a mistake from years ago.



A wayward thinker hiding behind the facade of necessary courtesies

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